What is Success in Life? How to be successful?

In today’s modern world, everything appears to be so fast.  Things are happening at lightning speed. Our generation is confused than more it could ever be. So, today I am going to share with you What is Success in Life? How to be successful?

Expectations and desires have increased and are at an all-time high. All most everywhere I go, I see people running here and there. A massive rat race is going on. Most of the people are just going with the flow. You may also have noticed the same.

But this has taken a huge toll on us and is clearly evident. Stress, depression, and anxiety have increased and reached an alarming rate. You pick up a newspaper and will see a common pattern everywhere. The newspaper is filled with a plethora of negative news.

What is more devastating is to see young children and teenagers under so much pressure and becoming a victim of it. Two things that I have clearly observed is that the younger generation wants to achieve more and more and that too ‘quickly and instantly’.

But, Life doesn’t go like this way! Overnight success is just a myth. We need to stop believe in the Aladdin and Genie stories.

What is Success in Life? How to be successful?
What is Success in Life? How to be successful?
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Bigger success always takes a lot of time and continuous hard work. Nothing can be achieved overnight. It’s the years of struggle and working hard day in and day out that result in being so-called successful. Rome wasn’t built in a single day.

There is one extremely pivotal thing to note over here is that the definition of success varies for everyone. It’s relative and variable.

While one can measure success in terms of fame and money and the other one can measure it in terms of spiritual awakening or enlightenment and being able to find the true purpose of life.

Having good physical and mental health in these strange times is also rare to find. This is also a measure of success for many of us. After all, what is the use of being rich if we are not able to sleep at night and are popping pills? I leave it to you, my intelligent readers to decide. 

One more thing that brings in a lot of stress is the comparison we keep on doing in our minds (the demons of comparison and jealousy that are constantly battling in our minds). My dear friends always remember that jealousy is the jaundice of the soul as John Dryden had said. It will tear us apart and destroy us totally. 

Instead, we should focus on what we have received in our lives and be grateful for whatever we have. I know it’s difficult to change but not impossible. Self-effort is the key over here.

Everyone is working according to his/her time zone. Give ‘time’ some TIME also.

What is Success in Life? How to be successful?
What is Success in Life? How to be successful?
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In the past, under the influence of ambition and desires, I tried to go really fast in life only to fall flat on my face really hard.  In order to achieve things really quickly, I totally lost my peace of mind. It’s like balancing your two legs in two different boats and we all know what the end result is like!  

So, always remember, that THE ONLY WAY TO GO FAST IS TO GO SLOW. 

‘I want to have what the other person has’. – If we are living based on this statement then we will keep on chasing an illusion through our entire lives.  We will never ever be satisfied and the thorns of desires will remain stuck in our hearts always.

Yes, this factor can be a motivator to come out of depression and achieve things but in no way it should turn into an obsession as in the long run, it will only hurt us.  

What is Success in Life? How to be successful?
What is Success in Life? How to be successful?
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I would like to say that the long road of life is filled with unexpectedness and surprises. On a positive note, after all the ups and downs, trust and betray, joy and sorrow, the long road teaches us that life never stops and just goes on and on.

Run, crawl, or walk but never stop. Just like the water that stops gets stagnated, in the same way, life should not come to a halt. It should keep on flowing.

Difficulties will come for sure but the strength to go through them will also come. 

So, why have we stopped walking?  A question to ponder upon.

No matter how busy you are, please find the time to follow these tips. After this, share it with your friends and loved ones to spread love.

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