What is Graphene? Graphene Uses – Graphene Properties

Hey, everyone! The world is developing continuously in terms of technology. And in this technical world, graphene is a material which can play a great and important role. It would be the most versatile material ever. Due to its great properties, its applications are limitless. So, here everything you need to know about Graphene. What is Graphene? Graphene Uses – Graphene Properties

About Graphene

This is something on which scientists are doing research from the 19th century. In the starting time, a lot of theoretical evidence was given to prove its existence. Several practices and experiments were done to synthesize it practically.

In 2004, it was rediscovered and successfully demonstrated physically. The scientists who gave this historical demonstration got the Nobel prize in 2010.

What is Graphene? Graphene Uses - Graphene Properties
What is Graphene? Graphene Uses – Graphene Properties
Image Source: wearable-technologies.com

Graphene Properties

Now, let me tell you something about Graphene.

Graphene is a form of carbon having negligible thickness. It is just a sheet of carbon which is a single atom thick. Also, it is the strongest material in the world. Shocked? Read further and you will be more shocked.

It is almost weightless. A sheet of graphene of one sq. meter weighs just 0.77 grams. Along with its lightweight property, it is highly conductive both in terms of heat and electricity. This means that it can conduct both electricity and heat with almost zero loss. It is highly tensile, so, it can be stretched to a very high extent.

Graphene Uses and Applications

This is the material which has the power to change the world with its great properties. If you ask me, graphene is something which can revolutionize the world. Some of its great applications and uses are mentioned here.

Disposal of Radioactive Waste

When it comes to waste disposal, radioactive waste is something which gives a headache to almost every scientist involved with it. But Graphene is something which can act as a medicine for them.

What is Graphene? Graphene Uses - Graphene Properties
What is Graphene? Graphene Uses – Graphene Properties
Image Source: gizmodo.com

It has great absorbing property. So, it can easily absorb all the radiation and waste produced after the completion of nuclear processes. Thereby, managing nuclear waste. This can solve some great issues related to nuclear energy and bringing a big change in the industry.

Water Filtration

If you are reading this, I can believe that you are a human. You may be angry when I say this, but my friend we humans are responsible for most of the issues related to water pollution.

But this material about which we are talking from the start can control and wipe out our sins to some extent. Let me tell you how.

What is Graphene? Graphene Uses - Graphene Properties
What is Graphene? Graphene Uses – Graphene Properties
Image Source: nature.com

The structure of graphene is such that it is 90 percent optically transparent and physically transparent. Since its layer is just one atom thick, so, it behaves like a nanoporous membrane making it a superb and magical water filter.

There are very small pores between the bonds through which only water can pass. All the other salts and impurities are blocked by the pores. Thereby, the water filters made by this material can be used in emergency conditions.

Scientists working on it also believe that it can be used to purify sea water.


You may be surprised to read all these magical properties and applications of graphene. But you will be more surprised to read that it can also be used in paints for cars, vehicles, and aircraft, etc.

This will make rusting a matter of past. It can solve the problem of rusting thereby increasing the durability of the machines, cars, aircraft and all the other things where paints are used to prevent rust.

Now the lovely bond between you and your car is even stronger with this paint.

Artificial Muscles

Oh man! This use of graphene is something mind-blowing. Millions of people need this right now. And believe me, some are even ready to pay millions for this. There are lots of research which are going on in the sector of biotechnology and artificial muscles.

After all the great uses, graphene has a drawback also. When it is crumbled, then, it is slightly tough to stretch it again. But this drawback is a boon for the researches in the field of biotechnology. This drawback can help to make very fine quality of artificial muscles.

What is Graphene? Graphene Uses - Graphene Properties
What is Graphene? Graphene Uses – Graphene Properties
Image Source: youtube.com

So, let me tell you how it works.

Firstly, a sheet of polymer or rubber is stretched. Now, on this stretched piece of rubber or polymer, a graphene sheet is attached. So, when the rubber or the polymer will be released the whole system will crumble. But it will stretch again when electricity or heat will be passed through it.

Our muscles also work in a similar way. They contract or relax when some electrical signals are passed through them.


Almost every one of us knows what is a capacitor. We have seen it in many electrical appliances. A Capacitor charges up very quickly and discharges also very quickly. We also know what is the battery. But a battery takes up time for charging but also it discharges after a long time.

But what is supercapacitor? A supercapacitor is a device which has the beneficial effects of both a capacitor and a battery. It charges up very quickly and discharges very slowly. Let me explain it with an example.

What is Graphene? Graphene Uses - Graphene Properties
What is Graphene? Graphene Uses – Graphene Properties
Image Source: nanotechmag.com

If I replace the battery of your smartphone with a supercapacitor, it will charge up within seconds. If your smartphone is having a supercapacitor battery of 3000 mAh, then, you can charge it to the full in 5 seconds. Shocked? I know!

High Speed Processors

In a processor, there are multiple points and between two points there is a channel. The electrical signals are transmitted through these channels. So, what happens if we make the channel with graphene.

If the channel is made by graphene, then, the corresponding processor will have very high speed. Since graphene has very high electrical conductivity, so, it will transmit electric signals with almost zero loss as the resistance which is offered to the signals will be negligible. Hence, solving the heating issues related to the processors.

Smartphone Display

Donโ€™t deny if I say that your smartphone is an integral part of your daily routine. There are high chances that you are reading this on your smartphone.

Nowadays, smartphone displays are made of Indium Tin Oxide. But if graphene is used in its place, then, the smartphones will have superb display quality and your smartphone will look even more beautiful. It is because graphene is highly transparent.

What is Graphene? Graphene Uses - Graphene Properties
What is Graphene? Graphene Uses – Graphene Properties
Image Source: newsweek.com

Since it is a super strong material, so, even if you throw your smartphone will full force, it will have no effect on it. The screen of your pretty smartphone will still remain intact. Now if you are angry, you can throw your phone with zero tension.

These are some uses of this mind-blowing and versatile material. And there is no doubt that it has countless uses and applications along with extreme properties. Our great scientists and researchers are discovering more if it uses and applications daily.

I believe that this material is something which has the power to change the face of the present technology in the world. After reading this article, if you also agree with me, tell me in the comments section.

So, now you are well stuffed with the knowledge about this revolutionary material – Graphene. Share this piece of knowledge with your friends and loved ones so that they can also get to know What is Graphene and what are its uses and applications.

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