What is the Dark Web? Web Components and Darknet

Hey, everyone! You are reading this article which means that you are having an active internet connection. Internet is now a necessity rather than a facility. But do you know that there is a major part of the internet which you will not be able to access in your whole life? So, stay tuned and I will tell you what is dark web or darknet? What are web components? And everything related to the surface web and deep web.

Components of Internet or Web Components

The Internet has been with us for a very long time. But have you ever thought what are the components of the internet? Or is it as simple as it seems? Doesn’t matter if have thought or not. I am gonna tell you about it.

The whole internet in the world is classified into three categories. Or we can say that there are three components of the internet. These are:

  1. Surface Internet
  2. Deep Internet
  3. Deep Web

Let’s see each of them in detail.

Surface Internet or Surface Web

As the name says, it is just the surface of the existing internet. It is a very small part of the internet. According to some studies, the surface internet is only 4 to 5 percent of the whole internet. A major part, that is, 95 to 96 percent of the internet consists of the Deep Internet (Deep Web) and Dark Internet (Dark Web).

Surface Web is the part of the internet which every one of us uses regularly. All the search results of Google or on any other search engine are part of surface internet. Anyone from any place can access it. Also, it doesn’t require any special permission to access.

All the surfing you do on YouTube, Google, Yahoo, Bing, torrents, entertainment websites, news sites or on any other platform is a part of surface internet. It’s like everything you can access on the web.

Simplifying it with an example. We all know about an iceberg. We can only see just the tip of an iceberg while its major part dwells under the surface. Internet is just like an iceberg. You can access only a very little part of it which is Surface Web. The major part of it is hidden as Deep Web and Dark Web.

What is the Dark Web? Web Components and Darknet
What is the Dark Web? Web Components and Darknet
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Deep Internet or Deep Web

Above you read that all the web you can access is the surface web. So, now you must be thinking that what’s left for the deep web? Let me tell you.

All the information which is in cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox is part of Deep Web. The databases of banks, universities and even government are part of this. All the secret projects or researches which are not made public are again part of the deep internet.

In short, it the part of the internet which you can’t simply access by searching on your browser. It is the part of the internet which is not made available to public access.

All the personal information of a person or an organization comes in this. This is the information which needs to be shared with only limited people. Let us take the example of Google Drive to understand it more clearly.

You are having an account on Google Drive. So, only you can see what is stored in there. And to see that you connect it with your Gmail. If you want someone else to see it, you turn on link sharing and share the link.

But if you have shared the link without turning on the link-sharing the person won’t be able to get the information or the data followed by the link. Then, he or she will ask you the access. So, I think now you go it.

The person with whom you shared the file was able to see it only when you granted the access. No matter how much you search or surf the internet, you can’t be directed to this section.

A person needs a special URL or a login-id and password to access this part of the internet. All the important databases, research, secret files and also your emails are part of the Deep Web or Deep Internet.

Why you can’t access the Deep Web?

It is because not even a single file, data or information of the deep web is indexed on Google or any other search engine. This is the reason why they don’t show up in the search results.

Dark Internet or Dark Web

The first and most important information I want you to remember about Dark Web is that it is completely illegal. It is a warning or humble request from my side not to even give a try to the dark internet or darknet. All the actions and activities on which happens are completely illegal.

What kind of illegal activities I am talking about here?

Black marketing, trading of drugs, arms and ammunitions and much more about which I can’t say. You just think of some illegal or criminal activity; it happens on the Dark Web. One can do anything on the darknet which is not legal in the real world.

It can’t be accessed by any normal search engine like Google or Yahoo. There’s a special browser for this known as TOR (The Onion Router). This TOR browser is required to access the darknet. It gives access to the sites which you can’t access through other search engines. 

What is the Dark Web? Web Components and Darknet
What is the Dark Web? Web Components and Darknet
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TOR browser bounces your address to many places and finally lands to the node. Due to this reason, there isn’t any backtrace. Only the user at that end can see your information. Tor hides your actual identity just like a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Is TOR similar to VPN?

In the TOR browser when you search something, the data packet which is sent out is completely encrypted. Just like a real-life onion, the data packet has multiple layers of encryptions. The user is completely anonymous while using TOR.

As said above the TOR browser continuously bounces your IP address to different locations. But in case of a VPN, you are using only a specific location. It doesn’t bounce your location like TOR. Also, due to multiple bounces, the speed of TOR is less than any other normal browser.

The websites in the darknet end with the .onion extension. They can only be accessed by the TOR browser.

In the early time, it was first invented for the US navy. But somehow it got spread in the whole world. It is a wide network which is spreading like fire. This has spread to such an extent that it has become very difficult to control this network.

Many agencies and authorities are working hard in order to control it. But they also struggle to do so. They have already shut down many websites of this dark part of the internet and many are on the way.

I am again reminding you; this article was for just informational purposes. Do not even try to use the darknet or the dark web.


Our beloved internet has got three components in it: Surface Web, Deep Web, Dark Web.

Surface Web is the component which can be accessed by surfing the internet. It has got all the information which you see on the internet.

Deep Web is that web component whose access requires special permissions. This permission can be a special URL, a login id and password or any other secure way. All the databases and personal information on the web are part of the Deep Internet.

Dark Web cannot be accessed by searching on a standard browser. To access it, one needs a special browser developed only for this purpose which is TOR – The Onion Router.

Deep Web is completely legal and authentic. While dark web is illegal and a source of many criminal activities. Again, don’t try it!

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