Learn coding as a Beginner: How to start?

Hello Braindiners, welcome back to a new topic. In this topic, we will talk about Learning coding as a Beginner.

Already have your mindset on becoming a developer? Then there’s probably one question on your mind: how to start coding? It can be daunting to compete with professionals, but we all have to start somewhere

Which websites should prefer to learn any programming language? Or where can you practice?

ABC (Always Be Coding)

Learn coding as a Beginner: How to start?

You should always be coding. You have to take out some time from your busy schedule for practicing and learning coding.

Minimum an hour a day is sufficient enough for beginners. There are many websites where you can learn and where you can polish your coding skills. We will talk about these websites later in this article.

First of all you have to take out some time to learn programming and practice it.

Choosing a Right Programming Language:

Learn coding as a Beginner: How to start?

Choosing the right programming language is not that difficult task. You can start with simple languages like C, C++, Java and if you want to go for trending languages like python, JavaScript, Swift, etc. then let me tell you about myself. I started with C++ as I like it better as a programming language for a beginner.

A learning curve is not that difficult.

While there is no single “best” programming language to learn, some languages are more user-friendly than others. HTML and CSS are considered the easiest entry points into the coding world, but they are only really useful for developing basic websites.

Above anything else, just get started with learning something. Once you become comfortable with one programming language, you’ll be able to pick up the next one much faster—like learning a new musical instrument or foreign language.

Now, a question might raise in your mind that how can you learn different programming languages as all of them have different syntax?

The answer for this question is simple. Learn one programming language by heart, what I mean to say is that your concepts, logic should be clear.

Then, you can learn any language. As, all languages are basically same, logic, concepts are basically same for all languages.

So, focus on learning one programming language perfectly. Then, you can you learn any of those easily as it makes learning curve small and easy.

Focus on learning computational thinking:

Improve your skills at concepts like pattern recognition, algorithms, and abstraction. There’s also lingo like loops, which are bound to popup in any language you use.

The better you understand these principles, the easier it will be to learn the next language

Try out some online courses and videos:

There are many websites, videos available on the internet from where you can learn any programming language you want in an easy manner.

Some of these websites are:

 These websites are the best place to learn programming languages.

Thanks to the internet, you don’t have to enroll in a four-year college program to learn the fundamentals of computer science; a number of college-level classes are available online for free (or a nominal fee).

Starting from websites not only help you with learning programming language in depth but also gives you certificate that you will earn after completing the whole course.

These certificates will give you an advantage in your life and also help you to showcase your skills.

Some of the best YouTube channels which help you to learn language are:

There are many channels and websites available in the internet but these are best of all which I have personally chosen for you.

I learnt from these websites and videos only.

Get a book

The best way to learn to code may involve you getting up-close-and-personal with some dead trees—a real book that you can follow along from beginning to end. In a perfect world, this will give you a more comprehensive introduction to coding than jumping around from topic to topic on a website.

You can probably find an e-book for any language or framework you’re trying to learn on GitHub, but many web developers swear by Jon Duckett’s colorful series on everything from front- to back-end web development.

But I personally prefer videos as they are easy to understand and their  plus point is that it provides practical knowledge.

Try out some Online practice:

As I said earlier, there are some websites where you can practice language and these websites also help you to land jobs in MNCs.

Websites are:

These websites also hold various contests where you can participate and showcase your coding skills.

These websites also helps you in competitive programming.

We will discuss about competitive programming in our next blog that what is competitive programming language? Why should we do it and much more.

Reinvent the Wheel:

Learn coding as a Beginner: How to start?

You should implement the most common data structures in your language of choice. Do not rely on common libraries. Implement the following and write tests for them: vector (dynamic’s array), linked list, stack, queue, circular queue, hash map, set, priority queue, binary search tree etc.

They should be able to be implemented quickly.

Make coding easy

Programming is the most straightforward and simple part of being an engineer and the harder parts of being an engineer are before and after most of the coding takes place.

There’s no silver bullet to learning to code.


Learn coding as a Beginner: How to start?

What we talked till now is  that:

  • You should be always be coding.
  • Choosing programming language
  • Trying out for some online courses
  • Trying out some online practice
  • Improving your skills, data structures etc.

Guys, solve many problems as you can repetitively.

As, Eric Schmidt says: “Repetition doesn’t spoil the prayer”.

 You have to give time to it but once you start solving it then you start loving it.

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